Publications, Presentations, & Patents


Presentations (selected)

  • Violent Wartime Footage Online: What Should Digital Archivists Do? CPSR’s Technology in Wartime Conference at Stanford University, January, 2008.
  • Archives as Infrastructure. Intelligent Television’s Symposium at the Hewlett Foundation, November, 2007.
  • Collaborative Approaches to Television Archiving. Video, Education, and Open Content, Columbia University, May, 2007.
  • Voluntary Associations: Community, Contribution and Rights. Cornell Microsoft International Symposium on Self-Organizing Online Communities, March, 2007
  • Consumer Generated Content in Community Management. Community 2.0 conference, March, 2007.
  • Web Logs, Privacy, and Data Surveillance. Data
    Surveillance and Privacy Protection Workshop, Center for Research on
    Computation and Society, Harvard University, June, 2006.
  • Google Print. Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference, Washington, DC, May 2006.
  • Net TV is not TV. Microsoft Research, March, 2006.


  • 6625734 Controlling and tracking access to disseminated information
  • 7096355 Dynamic encoding algorithms and inline message decryption